What are the cheapest dog wormers and flea treatments online?

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So I’m on maternity leave with my second child at the moment and it’s difficult to get to the vet practice where I work to get wormers and flea treatment for our family dog (see pic below :).  A quick internet search and I find that I can buy equally effective products online at a fraction of the cost, even taking into account my substantial […]

cheapest dog wormers flea

Want cheaper pet insurance? A GPS collar might help…

You may have heard in the media about insurance company More Than offering a 20% discount on pet insurance premiums if you have your dog fitted with a GPS collar (link to full story in The Telegraph here). All sounds a bit out there, but in fact I think this could be a good thing for animal welfare if it means dogs get sufficient exercise. […]

Dogs die in hot cars!

It angers me that dogs still die (or come close to dying) in hot cars due to being left alone during the Spring/Summer months.  It does not have to be particularly hot outside to become dangerously warm inside a car in a relatively short amount of time.   Even with a window open the temperature in the car can become life threatening for your dog, […]

dogs die in hot cars

cat antifreeze

Antifreeze poisoning in cats – Beware!

It’s that time of year again when a new seasonal hazard emerges for our furry friends – antifreeze and de-icing products.  The ingredient in these products (like de-icer and antifreeze coolant for the car) is ethylene glycol and is deadly to cats and dogs.  Cats are more at risk because they find the sweet taste very palatable and so they are more likely to ingest […]

Fleas in cats and dogs – how to get rid of them

Fleas in Cats and Dogs – have you got a problem? We’ve been seeing a severe problem with fleas this year, probably partly as a result of the increased wet, humid weather we’ve had.  Fleas in cats and dogs are not always easy to eradicate, but don’t panic, all you need to know is right here. Right now, many pet owners are noticing fleas for […]